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wolf_am_i — LiveJournal
it's been like 2 years since my last update. i only made this for ontd.

but anyways. because i know that nobody reads this i'm going to be a big baby right now. just like heather is on xanga >:} hehehehe i'm jk heathen. i love you.

time for seriousness.
i never knew that you could be in such a terrible position. like, you pretty much can't win. but now i know that my parents have been in that situation for nearly 28 years, and it seriously breaks my heart.
i never knew that i could love someone that i've never met-never even seen. and i know that i shouldn't. just because he's blood doesn't mean he's anything like me and doesn't mean that he's even a good person. but i do.
i never thought that my life could get so complicated in such a short amount of time.
and i never knew how distracting something like this could be. i can't focus on anything really, as hard as i try.

all i know is that 6 days ago, i found out that i have an older brother, and that my parents are torn apart by the fact that they gave him away. i know that my sisters and i need to help them find his parents, and hopefully, through them, have a chance at meeting him. whatever we need to do to help ease their pain. we owe it to them for being such amazing parents, and such loving people.
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summer's been okay, more eventful than usual, but i still haven't gotten to see half the people that i told myself i would hang out with-everyone has their own thang goin on. schedules seem to clash, and people including myself are too indecisive and lazy to really plan things.

i feel like i'm growing up much slower than i'm supposed to, and i can't decide if that's a good or a bad thing...or if you can just define it as a whole by being good or bad.

harry potter 5 sucked.

jessica's wedding was nice, so was dad's birthday, soon it will be kymbre's birthday, then weekend at the cross and harry potter and the deathly hollows!!! ( :D )

p.s. i love james bond

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"find a friend and stay close and with a melting heart
tell them whatever you're most ashamed of-
our parents have made so many mistakes,
but may we forgive them and forgive ourselves"

coty says "friends only to keep out creepy lurker half-human filthy swine."
yeeeah, she said it.
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